Wednesday, 5 June 2013

O My God! But why?

You gave me wings to fly
Yet they clip  them 

You gave me fins to swim
across the ocean of grief 
Yet they tie them

You gave me thoughts to soar
to imagine thy picture and 
thy worldly world
Yet they put lid on them

You gave me emotions to love 
all you made beautiful
all you made ugly
and all you made to laugh at me 
Yet they hamper them 

You gave me feet  to walk freely 
on the path of wisdom
on the road to realisation
on the path truthfulness
on the path of righteousness  
Yet  they chain them 

You gave me arms to embrace thy creatures
of all hues, red or violet
big and small 
amoeba or whale 
algae and moss growing on stones
 and banyan with long aerial  roots holding the ground  
Yet them twist them 

You gave me springs within to flow ceaselessly 
cleansing my ignorance 
passing through my consciousness
towards thy door 
searching the nectar of  immortality 
Yet  they obstruct them 

You gave me fingers to feel thy presence 
my  sufferings 
and joy of others
Yet  they break them 

You gave me eyes to see the cosmos,
the stars, sun, moon,galaxy,
long trees, herbs,shrubs,cactus,
sea and its weeds, corals, 
conch shells to blow them before you in prayers 
the blooming flowers,the green leaves to garland you in reverence
and sky spreading its sheet over mother earth till horizon
Yet they blindfold them.

O My God!
But why ? 

(C) Ramkishore Upadhyay

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