Thursday, 16 May 2013

Old Toys : Old Flowers 

I had treasure of toys 
Jumping monkey 
Laughing joker
Singing guitar 
Running trains , and what not..
It continued ....
Till one fine day 
Our house was abuzz with people
Congratulating my father 
I peeped through the  hiatus
A baby was weeping in the arms of my mother
I grew restless as mother was not calling me 
I threw  my toys 
And went into corner of my house
Lay sleep till maid me awake 
Baby started staring at objects
One day he hinted for monkey toy.....
Father rushed to market to buy new 
Though I had one
But whenever father bought a new toy 
Or any object of joy
For brother
His old toys  given to me for play
His desires became his need 
And nobody paid any heed 
To my need 
I still fail to understand 
Why old toys were given to me?
May be new things are meant for new 
Someday when I grow old 
My wife shall say 
Look, this is for your son
Then grand son
Man should understand 
The Nature decorates itself with fresh flowers 
And old  flowers are not even put on the dead  feet.

Ramkishore Upadhyay

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