Tuesday, 21 May 2013

End Of  The Wait

When I behold you
My hopes take the wings
To soar high in the sky with grandeur
To mingle with its ethereal mood
Stars let loose out of the umbrella
To twinkle in my hairs
Moon walks with small feet
Up and down to the earth in rare fete
And sprinkle its soft silky light
Around me to keep away from public gaze
The charioteer with seven horses
Rises from horizon to bloom hundreds flowers
Draped in milky white costume
And crown glittering on head   
Riding on golden rays
Slowly descend with perfect ease
To cuddle the cosmic beauty
The poetry of love
Chiseled with most enchanting words
Roses all the way down their head in reverence
And drop their red and pink petals
To weave a welcome carpet
To thy gate ……………………….
To end the perpetual wait….!!!!

Ramkishore Upadhyay

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