Thursday, 16 May 2013

Blue Ocean

Blue sky came searching 
Blue ocean on the earth 
I showed him way to my hut 
full of rugs
broken cot 

shoes  full of mud 
He saw me bare body and asked for my shirt
which was hanging on a rope in sun
I told him that it is stinking from soaked sweat
from the day's toil on the  farm
He squeezed it and took sweat on his palm
Murmured some sacred words
And blew over the earth
I saw that mother earth was pregnant with trees of fruit
Green meadows and crops full of grains waving around
Cows burdened with milk
Where is blue ocean?
The sky smiled and said
It is your sweat .....
There is no blue ocean as such
The drop of every sweat that a man shed is the blue ocean
I kept on seeing him going up and up merging with itself.

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