Friday, 24 October 2014

This Diwali - A Virtual Fight
The words began to fight
With me on this Diwali
Some wanted Chinese crackers
Some were for Indian Anaars
Some were up for imported LED
Some were for potters' bread
Soon they began to delve deep
When they saw people on pavement
Fighting for a dried crumb
And their children's contentment
Playing with fired bomb
Even after having burnt their fingers
Their habbit knew only joy and no angers
Words were soon with folded hand before deity
Just asking for enternal bliss and gaiety
For those who have been left high and dry
And having no laugh ,but cry
Their face lit when they see loaf of bread
And not like when affluent children fight for crackers' thread
My words leaving prayer halfway began playing with slums' children
Very quietly ...quickly .for fun
And muddied thier clothes in the dirt and dust
Just away from pomp, power and lust..........
Ramkishore Upadhyay

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