Thursday, 14 March 2013

O My Mom !

O My Mom!                                                   
We are grateful to you
 Our birth, life
And for many things you bestow
Immense   strength in strife

Gives knowledge to enjoy the fruits of earth
Always in abundance and no dearth

Shows Blue sky to fly  without  wings
And Vast  ocean to swim without  anything
Beautiful roses to smell
Power to quell

We remember how you  hold our fingers to school
That made us in study strong
Taught  us how to keep our cool
When things go wrong

You still tell us how to grow
In words so few
And rise in life  against fierce flow
With ease like drops of dew

 We feel safe under your gaze
Whether lovely home or dirty maze
Because  you are our Mom,
Our only and lovely Mom.

 We are kids
Have sometimes natural slide
It must irritate and in turn  you chide
Still we look for your sober lap to hide

To feed us you toil hard
Day in and day out
Spreading no canard
If you are fed or food without

Mom! You are rare
Very charming and all fair
Kindness trickle from your eyes
We  adore you  in your laughs and cries.

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