Sunday, 1 July 2012

Freedom from fear:

In my bungalow's servant quarter ,there lived a family . They had a boy child, who  used to start  weeping, even for a  small thing. I got distracted and disturbed , but could not say much,because his mother was cooking food for me. I used to tolerate the nuances for the sake of comfort. One fine day  his mother told me that Saab,he was frightened with syringe and she used to get him stopped by saying that he would be taken to doctor, who would inject him, if he did not stop crying

So, I also started to tell him that he would be injected.Hearing this, he used to stop weeping,but after some time he became immune to my scolding and was not responding to my threatening to inject him with syringe. One day, I decided to call the syringe in order to show him the actual  item with long needle fitted on the top.. As and when , I showed him the syringe, he stopped crying. I thought that my tact is working .Alas ! my happiness  lasted only for few days. He again started weeping, as in the past. I searched for the syringe to show him ,but to my dismay, it was no where. I was thinking who had taken that away. Finding no answer,one day , when he was in cheer mood,I called  him and asked,if he had not taken the syringe? He smiled and said , " Yes saab !I  was afraid lest you should really inject me one day. I have taken that away,when you were in the office I found out the syringe in almirah and threw it  in the backyard of my house."

I could not hold myself from laughing and hugged him passionately. Later I realised that weeping is a natural reaction of a child and he should not be forcibly stopped,it may harm his mental growth also. Let him be free a  bird,chirping and jumping from one branch to another, and live him the natural  way. Thereafter, I did not object and allowed his mother to apply her tricks to control him.

 It also taught me lesson that if  you want freedom from fear,remove first  the object of fear from your mind.  क्यूंकि डर   के आगे  जीत हैं !

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  1. Sometimes repeatation of the things leave very strong +ve effect but in some cases it leaves a -ve effect and you just don't get the desired result as you want,your article is an example itself,think over it friend.